Effective Use of Awesome

by Smart Creative on Monday, July 25, 2011

At Smart Creative, we never stop chasing Awesome. It's the word we like to hear most from our clients and colleagues, and it's the standard we set for every project we tackle. The best part is, Awesome doesn't cost a bajillion dollars. In fact, it's more often the clever use of limited resources that generates an idea worthy of the A-word.

Here are a couple of quick examples.

First, check out this super-cool design for a fishing lure using a Coca Cola bottle cap. Bottle caps are cool, cheap, and iconic. This design is also super-effective because it has all of the necessary characteristics of the classic lure known as a spoon. So, it will not only do it's job (catch fish) but it looks cool too. The best part is, if you lose it, you just crack open another icy cold bottle of Awesome.

Next up is our recently departed summer intern, Olivia Howard. She was definitely "BEST INTERN EVER" and as a going away gift she made all of us T-shirts using a sharpie and puffy paint. We wore them out and about on her last day and told everyone we were famous rock stars. Not sure if anyone believed us, but we got lots of looks and great service at the restaurant. We also used the occasion to snap this team photo. The moral of the story is that we grew as a team, gained a little street cred, and had a bunch of laughs for a very low investment.

Have you effectively leveraged your Awesome lately?